Fuze corrupted and not recognized in Explorer

My Sansa Fuze 8gb says “FAT is corrupted. Please connect device to PC and recover FAT.” It is does not show up in Windows Explorer either. I have tried resetting it by holding the switch for 15 seconds in the ON position, and also holding “<<” with the power switch in the HOLD position, while plugging it into the computer.

Any help to get this device to work would be greatly appreciated,

Thank you.

You will need to perform an MSC format:

Slide the HOLD / POWER switch down to the Hold position (orange showing), and hold the << button down while connecting to the computer.  (This forces MSC mode)

Open Windows Explorer, open the Sansa Fuze, and Right click the Internet Memory and format it from the computer. then after you disconnect, you need to reformat from the settings menu (Settings > Format > yes ) to get the optimal cluster size.

Reconnect your Fuze to the computer and reload your music.

The goal is to format your Fuze.    The problem is how?

First Try connecting your fuze to another computer,  either MTP or MSC,  just so long as you can get it connected so you can format.

If that doesn’t work or is not possible.  Then try some other things.

Try these is both MSC and MTP modes:


Start > run > command >  eventvwr.msc [enter]

See if you see a removable drive for the fuze, if there is one try formatting it throught this disk management window.


When connected in MSC mode.   Try  SDFormatter  (Download here http://www.sdcard.org/consumers/formatter/ ) .  see if it will recognize your fuze as an SD card (I’ve done this once before)


Once you do format the Fuze in Fat 32,   Disconnect it,    Reformat it using its own Format command   Settings > Format > yes  This will reformat it using the proper cluster size.

Call Sansa Support as well,   If you find a solution that works, please post it here


On second thought,   Read some of the posts on this forum about “Fuse not connecting”    There are things to try.

1)  installing wmp 11 updates some MTP drivers this could help if you don’t have wmp 11.

2)  installing Microsoft’s MTP driver porting kit

3)  Going under device manager and uninstalling the USB device driver, and restarting the computer and letting windows install

4)  Changing some group permission (I’d have to look it up on here)

5)  Installing rhapsody has helped some people

6)  applying pressure on the connector of your fuse, I think someone had a faulty cable and did this…

7)  read the FAQ  and make Hazza happy :slight_smile: !!!

8)  Call Sansa Support and let them help you

9)  update bios, and USB chipset drivers for your computer,  and check the settings under the bios for optional settings that might make a difference (for advanced users )

10)  Wait for someone smarter to help ^_^   XD

Good luck :)   Reply back and let everyone know what you have tried and if you get it fixed.

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A simple restart of the computer did the trick. Not corrupted and recognized by Windows. I guess I should have tried that first! :dizzy_face:

Thank you for the suggestions anyway.