FAT Corrupt

Whe I turn on my Sandisk Zip Clip, I get a green screen for about 90 seconds.  Then I get the message “FAT is corrupt.  Please connect device to a PC and recover FAT,” before it turns off.  I’ve tried resetting by holding down the start button for 20 seconds.  When I connect to the PC, it doesn’t register in either my computer or music library.  Is if fried?

Try holding the the REW button while you plug into your computer (player off to start). This forces MSC mode. Continue holding the button until it starts up and hopefully is recognized by your computer so you can format it.

Is the REW button the power button at the top?  I  held down the power button while plugging into the computer.  The green screen was on for about 90 seconds; then the FAT corrupt message came on for about 10 seconds.  Then the screen on the device showed that it was connected.  But  Windows Media Player is not showing that the device is connected.  When I go to “sync” in Media Player, it says to connect device.  What is MSC mode?

No, the REW (<<|) button is NOT the POWER button. It is on the left of the main button pad.

Hello friends, 
I have of course the same problem, but none of the solutions help. Not with power button, Not with REW button. And even not formatting. I am using mac, should I be doing anything differently? Because untill now nothing helps.


Do you have access to a PC that you can try it with?

Yes you are right, i have to try that too. It will take me a while to find one, I will update once ill try it on a PC.

Thank you!