Extremely slow write speeds on SanDisk SSDs (2 years old)

Hello, I have been away travelling and havent really spent time working on my laptop for extended periods of time. but when i cae back i started to download all the updates and noticed my laptop was so slow on file transfers and writing , games take longer to load.

I think it’s an issue to do with TRIM now working on a RAID0 setup ? I’m not exactly sure which model of SSD I have, i’ll need to open up my case to see.

My laptop is the MSI GX60, has two mSSD 64Gb setup in RAID0, here’s the performance…

It is entirely possible that its a driver issue? But I suspect it’s the SSDs, I’d rather not do a full secure erase until its time to installwindows 10 :wink:

I want to try upgrade the firmware, if there is any, but usingthe toolkit doesnt show the drives becuase of the RAID set up :frowning:


i would suggest releasing the ssd from the RAID system and try the ssd as one with the speed test to see if the issue has to do with the ssd itself. for the firmware update you have to see which modell ssd are you using and see online on the sandisk website if there is a update available to install.

if you see that the ssd without the raid system is again too slow then you are sure what the issue is. but if not then you will have to test all the other parameters as well, like the RAID controller and the other SSD that is in the raid.