Extreme Pro ExpressCard Compact Flash Adapter Useless With Mac OS 10.7 (Lion)

Dear SanDisk.

I am struggling to use the Extreme Pro ExpressCard Compact Flash Adapter with my MacBook Pro.

I have exactly the problems as described in the following knowledge base article:

Mac crashes after inserting Extreme Pro ExpressCard Adapter and also when files are being transferred via the adapter

However, removing the driver and installing the latest version as described in the KB article does not solve the problem.

Usually I can read my CF card (SanDisk Extreme 16GB 60MB/s) once. As soon as I try to remove the adabter or changing the CF card I get the gray screen of death. The problem is the same no matter if I use software eject or “Power off card” from the Mac OS X menu.

Here is my crach dump file. Maybe it can be useful?

Mac OS Crash Dump

Looking forward to a swift solution to this very annoying problem with an otherwise good product!

Best regards.


Poor you !!! mattress