Exporting Playlists with Media Monkey

Okay, so I’ve tried exporting a playlist using Media Monkey to the Clip, saving as …M3U playlists but after disconnecting the cable and the database refreshes the playlist won’t play.  Now, using Winamp, I know I have to take files off the Clip and drag them to the Winamp in a playlist and then export that playlist back to the Clip.  Is this also necessary using Media Monkey?  I was hoping I could use the software to create a playlist from any songs off my hard drive, and export them to the Clip. 

This is incredibly easy to do with Media Monkey.

  1. In Media Monkey, right-click Playlists, select New Playlist, give your new Playlist a name (let’s call it Sample Playlist).

  2. Still in MM, navigate your computer’s folders and find the first track(s) you want to add to your Sample Playlist. Be sure the track(s) show(s) in the window on the right side of the screen.

  3. Drag-and-Drop the first track(s) you want into your Sample Playlist.

3a. Alternatively, you could right-click on the track(s) you want to add to Sample Playlist, mouse-over "Send to … ", then mouse over “Playlist”, then click on “Sample Playlist.” This works nicely if you want to add an entire folder to Sample Playlist. Just right-click on the folder’s name on the left side of the screen to send the entire contents of the folder to Sample Playlist.

  1. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as often as you want until your Sample Playlist is built.

  2. Click on Sample Playlist on the left. This will bring up the list of tracks you’ve just added to your Sample Playlist. You can now rearrange the order if you want to.

  3. Making sure the Clip is connected to your computer, right-click on Sample Playlist. Mouse-over “Send to…” on the pop-up menu, then click “Sansa Clip 2GB (Synchronize)”

  4. Watch the progress bar at the bottom of the screen. When it shows that the synchronization process is complete, check your Clip’s display. Once “Writing” no longer appears, remove the USB cable.

  5. After the Clip’s database is refreshed, navigate to Music > Playlists > Sample Playlist. Select “Sample Playlist” and enjoy!

This is what works for me using Media Monkey v, Windows XP and with the Clip in MTP mode (firmware v01.01.20A). Your milage may vary with any other configuration. :slight_smile: Hope this helps. Good luck.

Edited to correct a typo in 3a.

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Thanks, BigJohnL - I’ll try again tonight.  I see by reading your step #2 about being sure the songs appear in the window on the right side is very likely my problem.  For some reason I don’t remember, I “x-ed” out of that playlist window when I was working with the software last night and couldn’t figure out how to get the window back. So what I was doing was dragging songs from the main window to the Playlist folder over on the left side. 

Update - the problem was, I had my Clip set to MSC instead of MTP!!  I just transferred a small playlist successfully to the player.   Thanks, man!!

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