Explain firmware to me in detail.

What is it, what does it do, how to get it into my clip.

My spouse gave me a 2GB red Clip yesterday, I’ve done research, and I think I need firmware in order to load songs onto my player. It’s completely new, nothing done to it. And my computer has all it needs to get files onto the Clip.

Maybe I need something else, though. Not completely sure on how to use this yet.
Any help is appreciated.

IT doesnt need new fw to load, just for fixes and feature… my pref :: mount as msc (mass storage class) > music folder > drag n drop files… when you got what you want, use mp3 gain to normalize all songs > unplug.  when you get  to stuck refresh data screen (as today goes, you will get it) find the ongoing arguments to fix… the ones about formatting are wrong…

Firmware is the system software that the MP3 player itself runs.  Updated firmware fixes bugs, and enhances features of the player.  So I recommend you upgrade to the latest firmware.  You can see several threads on how to do this.

Think of the firmware as the player’s brain–it tells the player (the body) how to act.  A good company like SanDisk modifies (updates) its software over time, to correct issues that are discovered (glitches in the original firmware) or to add extra capabilities.  Hence, the desirability to upgrade your firmware to the latest (also, if you call SanDisk with an issue, it likely will ask you to upgrade first, as the issue may have been fixed). 

there is one thing… when you do update, just get the bin file and drop onto root and unplug…dont install the lame updater… dont ask why–been covered to death, search if you really wanna know… just dont do it

why do you have to normalize the songs?

You don’t have to normalize.  When you normalize your music files, the volume of the files is reset relative to a reference volume, avoiding jumps in volume between songs that otherwise could result depending on how the volume of the songs originally was set.  (This is akin to the spike in the volume of TV commercials relative to TV shows, which some TV sets now automatically adjust for.)  I normalize my music in the ordinary course of things, but it’s far from absolutely needed.  It’s a potential nice extra.

If you want to normalize your music, a good and easy program is MP3Gain, freeware available via the Internet.  It allows for the volume changes to be undone or redone at any time, without any harm.

gotcha :wink:

i just thought it had something to do with the player itself.  I mostly listen to live sets so i just like to keep the original recording the way it is, unless its to FUBAR’d to listen to.

Great. Normalizing is especially good when you shuffle play music alot, and don’t one song of a “normal” volume to be soft and the next song also of a normal volume to blast out.  For your use, this would mean that all the live sets would sound like they all were recorded with the same reference volume without your needing to adjust the player’s volume level, even if they were recorded on different days with difference reference volumes.