Expandable memory

Hey guys,

I am thinking to order SanDisk Extreme microSD 64GB for my android but can I also use it for my clip+ or does the player has a limit to its expandable memory size?

Please let me know, thanks!

Hey Brec, welcome to the Sansa Clip forum!

The player is not limited to any particular size micro SD card. It is however limited to cards formatted as FAT/FAT32. Cards greater than 32gb are natively formatted as NTFS/exFAT and windows does not natively support formatting them as FAT32. However, you are still able to format the card to FAT32 and it will work. I use GUIformat for this purpose and it works well for me (I use 128gb cards in my players).

Just know that there is a limit on the Sansa database(amount of songs the player can load into its database), and bigger cards generally take longer to load than smaller cards. If you find the wait time to be irritating (as did I), you can Rockbox the player (install aftermarket firmware) which instantly loads the contents of the SD card, among other feature upgrades.

Good luck, hope this helps.

Hey Victor,

Thank you for your friendly welcoming and informative message firstly.

I’ve been using my clip+ for some years rockboxed and it really rocks, but never ever have used with cards. And seems like I will be using GUIformat for that purpose. I’m good to go with 64gb for the player and 128 one for my android.