Error message "Drive is corrupted or unformatted" and everything is read-only?

Hi there,

Just wondering if someone could shed some light on the following error message:

“An error has occurred while initializing U3 Launchpad: Drive is corrupted or unformatted. U3 Launchpad will close now. Please format the drive, disconnect the U3 device and try again.” I disconnect the drive and try again but the same error occurs.

The weird thing is that I am able to access everything on the drive but on a read-only basis - I only worked out there was a problem when I couldn’t save things to the USB. I have no problems at all on my home computer.

This has only happened since I have been added to a different network on my work computer. I have had problems before where the device is trying to assume a drive which is already on the computer but a different error message came up to the one I’m seeing now, plus the USB is not competing with another drive as far as I can see (by looking at My Computer).

This is about the extent of my technical knowledge so if you have any suggestions as to what I can do then I would be very grateful if you could put them in lay terms! As the problem only occurs on my work computer I don’t have admin access, so if I need to do/change anything with the device when I’m at work I will need to be able to relay any suggestions back to the IT helpdesk.  

Best wishes


If the pc is running Windows 7 have the LaunchU3.exe program set to run in Compatibility mode with the mode set to Vista SP2.

RIGHT click on LaunchU3.exe , Properties , Compatibility , check Run this program in compatibility mode , select Windows Vista (SP2), Privilege Level , check Run this program as an admin , click OK.

Another option would be to disable the U3 autorun on the USB drive. You will need to do this on your home pc. 

LaunchPad window, Settings , U3 Launchpad Settings , Autorun , Disable Autorun , Close.

As for the read only function I suspect the company’s access policy is preventing you from writing to a removable drive.