enhancement for video playback

I have the 64GB iXpand drive and find that it works well with an Ipad Mini. No problems to report. I would, however, like to ask that the IOS application video player be updated to all the use of external subtitles (like xxx.srt) with videos. I hav several other apps that can do this on a steaming basis that does not require transfer of the video to the iPad. I note in your FAQ that you can have another application other than the Sandisk IOS application open a file. However it seems that this then transfers the file to the ipad, which takes up space. I originally bought the iXpad drive to not have to use any more storage on the ipad for things like videos and pictures, a means to view videos with external subtitles would be great. Alternatively, if the Sandisk IOS app could be changed to allow streaming from the iXpand disk with external subtitles, that would be great as well. Best regards, Phil Noguchi

Subtitle support is in the roadmap. Currently subtitles will work if the video and subtitle track is moved to the My Downlaods folder but currently subtitles are not working if the video and subtitle file are stored on the iXpand drive. This issue should be solved in the next release.