e280 says connected and won't charge with usb or wall charger

I have a Sansa e280.  When I try to charge the battery - using the USB cable or a SanDisk ss200 wall charger - the screen shows “Connected” and arrows going back and forth between the pictures of the e280 and a PC.  While this is happening, it will not charge.  I don’t understand how it can think it is connected to the wall outlet!  Please help!

There are for pins; 2 for power and 2 for data transfer. Maybe your cord is bad and it’s only making a data connection?

If so, then both the USB cable and the wall charger must be bad - or the pins inside the e280 itself are bad. Any way to tell?

Are you getting the same result when it’s connected to the computer that it is being recognized but its not charging? Most likely its a bad cable.

Yes - I get the same result using either of the two cables I have: the USB cable that came with the e280 and a wall charger that I purchased separate (made by Sansa). I’d had trouble with the wall charger for a while now, but was always able to charge the player using the USB cable connected to my PC - but now neither will work.

There might be a problem on the connection port on the player.