Dual USB drive 16GB


I use Sandisk memory zone for the dual USB drive on Moto G XT 1033. I don’t see an icon in the notification drawer to “safely remove the USB drive.”

I’ve been unmounting the drive everytime by going to storage settings.

Why’s the icon not appearing in notifications? Is there any other easier way to remove the hardware?


Hi Balaji i have plan to purchace this sandisk ultra dual usb pendrive…i want it to use with Moto G… I have some doubts regarding this usb drive…

1, Is it works compatible with Moto G…

2, can we do read and write operations with Moto G…

3, Is there is any heating problem or power consumption error problem with Moto G…

4, Is its size is small enough to put it in wallet…

5, Regarding the speed…

Thanks in advance


I see you asked this question on XDA too.

  1. Yes. I’m using the pendrive along with sandisk memory zone. It automatically mounts. No problems with the dual-sim version after kitkat update. It’s also accessible on ES File Explorer.

  2. Yes.

  3. I haven’t encountered any such issues so far in the last 15 days I’ve been using the phone.

  4. Yes. It’s very small but it’s also thick in the middle. So, I’m not sure if you can put it on your wallet.

  5. It’s USB 2. So, the speeds aren’t great.

Thanks Balaji…


I have read the following regarding “SanDisk Ultra Dual USB”

Concluded that Moto G is compatible with this.

I have purchased SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 16GB from TrustPay through SnapDeal.com.

When I am inserting into my Moto G, Its not mounting on my phone and not mounting on Win7 PC either as it is listing in PC but not showing as storage device.

Please Suggest me what to do now ??

Your help would be appriciated.

with best regards
Kaushal Kr Gupta

Can you try to update your WIndows 7 for a test and see if it recognizes the driver that you can use? Usually that’s the fix for it.