Drive not recognized

Hello SanDisk community,

I have a 16GB SanDisk extreme that is not detected by ONE laptop only. It does not appear in Disk Management or Device Manager. The USB flash drive works in other PCs and I have no idea why it is not working in my laptop only. My laptop supports USB 3.0 and I am really frustrated about it because I need it urgently. An answer would be greatly appreciated.

I have formatted it as Mac OS X extended journaled but with another PC I have formatted it back to NTFS. For anyone interested my laptop is XPS 15 (9550). Thanks for anyone who helped.


I wasn’t aware Windows could read Mac OS X extended journaled format drives.  And I don’t recommend NTFS for flash drives.

What does Dell say the problem could be with the USB port?  Do you have to manually turn the port on?  It is a Dell.