downloading songs

I tried to download a song and it didn’t show up on the menu.  I tried to reload it, but my computer says it’s already on the device.  But it’s not there…

Hmmmmmmmn! Have you tried formatting your clip? if not, try to format it first then reload your songs.

To format the clip, go to it’s menu and hit “Settings” then select “Format”.

Is the tune in supported format?  mp3, ogg, wma, wav.  And are the tune’s tags filled in so that the Clip can find it?

Thanks for trying to help,;I formatted and started over; I think it may be a problem with my device. 

I reloaded songs, the computer showed the songs on the device, but no songs until the next day, I was turning it on and off and it suddenly refreshed database, and the songs appeared.  Then it refreshed database the next few times I powered on.  It also froze up on one song, no buttons would work except to power off.