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Hi, I looked through some of the old threads, but don’t quite understand podcasts.  I have used WMP to download a few songs onto my clip, so I know how to do that. I have XP and ITunes. If I get a podcast with ITunes, which I see how to do by subscribing or downloading one into the ITunes folder, how do I download it from there onto my Clip? Does it have to go through the WMP somehow or just from ITunes?  I saw the podcast folder on the Clip.

I thought ITunes only worked with the IPod, but I guess I am wrong about that, at least as far as podcasts go.


I am making the transition from the iPod shuffle to the clip so I know what you are going through.  To transfer podcasts from iTunes, I do the following.

1.  I download the podcasts that I want using iTunes. 

2.  View the downloads by opening a Windows explorer box point to C:\Documents and Settings{your_login}\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\Podcasts.  If the podcasts are in mp4a format you will have to convert them to mp3.  iTunes can help.

3.  Plug in my clip.  I get an informational box where I choose “Open device to view files…”

5.  I click through to the podcast directory on my clip.

6.  Drag and drop the podcast folders from your PC to your clip.

Note that being in the podcast folder does not make it a podcast.  The clip seems to check the tags on the file to determine what it is.  You can enable and edit the “Genre” tag in iTunes to make it a podcast.

There is probably a more straight forward way than above but it works for me.

As noted above, in the end, you can just drag and drop from the folder where your podcast is stored to your Clip.  (Note that if the podcast is DRM protected–are any?–you would need to use WMP to do the transfer.)

If you drop the podcast to your Clip’s podcast folder, the Clip automatically will sort the podcast into its Podcasts category under the Music selection–the genre field does not need to be filled in for this.  If you store the podcast outside of the podcast folder, the genre field needs to be filled in for the Clip to do this.  Note that you don’t have to have your podcasts sorted into the Podcasts category–instead, you can have them treated like any other music file, if you wish (for that, just don’t store the podcasts under the Clip’s podcast folder and don’t genre label them as podcast).  (Some may prefer that, as the Podcasts category sorts the most recent podcast in a series to the top of the list–some people may prefer/want it the other way.)

A nice podcast aggregator (that is, software that automatically will download your podcasts for you):  Juice (formerly named iPodder–Apple didn’t like the use of that name …), at  It can download to your computer for you later to transfer over to your Clip, or directly to the Clip if you would prefer.  (I have the software set to check for and download my podcasts every day at 2 a.m., while I’m sleeping; you just need to leave the computer on for this.)  A good, simpler software. 

Hi, Thanks for the info. I may try Juice as well. So far, I just have a couple of podcasts from NPR, so I doubt they have any kind of DRM on them since they were free.

Hi, I tried both Juice and I Tunes. Once I figured out where Juice puts the files, which they hide pretty well from you, it seems to work okay. It looks like the I Tunes has the files so they can be copied right from the list.


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Great to hear that it’s working out for you!