how do i put podcast on my Sansa clip 2GB?

Just like any other file; dragging and dropping to your Clip works fine.

If put it into the Podcasts folder on the Clip, you don’t even need to have the podcast tagged–the Clip will use the podcast’s file and folder names for the identifying information.

thats confusing and

where can i download podcast what are the type of it like is in MP4 formt or somthing else

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can some one also give me at tutorla on on adding podcast onto my sansa clip Please

  1. You need a podcatcher app.  iTunes is the most famous.  Subscribe to the podcasts you like on the iTunes Store.  Retrieve them.  iTunes puts them on your PC.

  2. Assuming you are using a Windows PC, use Windows Explorer to drag-and-drop podcasts (easiest is to have two Windows Explorer windows open):

  • From: C:\Users\<yourUserName>\Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\Podcasts\<podcastFolder>\<individual pocasts>

  • To: Clip, folder “Podcasts”.  Putting them in “Podcasts” ensures that you get proper resume[Note 2] for every podcast.

Note 1: Most all audio podcasts are in MP3 format.  When you subscribe via iTune, sometimes you’ll get them in M4A format (like the gdgt weekly podcasts).  Those won’t play on the Clip (and most other non-iPod players).  Solutions: 1) M4A podcasts are rare, just ignore them or listen on your PC; 2) use a separate converter app to convert to MP3, or 3) use another podcatcher (Juice, Doppler, others?) and usually you can subscribe to that same podcast in MP3 format.

Note 2: “Proper resume” means you can navigate away from content, listen to other content, then go back to the first content and it will pick up within the file exactly where you left off.  On the Clip, you get proper resume if the file is tagged “Podcast” or the file is located in directory “Podcasts”.  (Similar for audiobooks: tagged “Audiobook” or resides in directory “Audiobooks”.)

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thanks for tutorial

Actually, you don’t need a podcast app.  A podcast simply is a recording in computer file format.  All you need to do is download it to your computer and then drag and drop it to your Clip, like any file. 

Apps like iTunes can help automate the process; Juice is another (free) program like that (called podcast aggregators).  http://juicereceiver.sourceforge.net/  Once you “subscribe” to a podcast, these programs will periodically check and see if new podcasts in the series are available, and then will download them to your computer automatically (if you’ve set them up that way).

Many websites also have download buttons to download podcasts right then.  A good listing for podcasts:  podcastalley.com.

You also may want to do your own Internet search on “podcasts,” to learn about them and read other tutorials.