Downloading Audiobooks

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? Some of the audiobooks that I have tried to download from my PC onto my player are recognised by it and others aren’t. They don’t even show up on the play list. All are of the same format, all come either straight from CD or from Youtube. Some from both sources are listed and play fine, othere don’t show up at all on the player, but do on the file when I connect it to my PC. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Do make sure that they’re in a format the player plays (I assume that they are, but thought best to mention).

How many files in total do you have? There is a database limitation you know.

Check all file options.  I download from 6 different libraries and subscription services and find that they will direct the transfer to ebooks (yes, even audiobooks from One Click Digital), music (Overdrive) and occasionally audiobooks( Audible) depending on how the file is coded.  Also, whether the book file is MP3 or WMA will determine where the file is stored.  Finally, WMA files with DRM protection may not be recognized at all on the Clip.

I am also using library services (One-Click) and having difficulty locating the results on the Sansa.  Locating the book on the PC File Explorer and copying it to elsewhere on the Sansa works for some destinations but not all.  I will see if Podcast always works.