Does not power on unless connected to PC

My daughter has a Sansa Clip 1GB and it does not turn on anymore. It is only 7 months old! The screen turns on when it is connected to our PC, but it does not come on with the switch. I have tried holding the switch up for 15 seconds, but nothing happens. Please help!

Could have a broken switch. I’m not sure if that’s covered under their 1 year warranty. If no one else answers you here, you could try calling SanDisk and asking them at:

1-866-SANDISK (726-3475)

7 days a week 

4am - 10pm Pacific Standard Time 

7am - 1am Eastern Standard Time

Or likely, the wire connection to the battery came undone.  Covered by warranty–time to call SanDisk …

Three words… R-M-A. My clip died whenn I dropped it and dangled it. Battery wires lost their connect  with the PCB. Only worked when   I plugged it into my computer.

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