Does it matter which brand of Micro SD Card I use ?

Does it matter which brand of Micro SD Card I use ?

Will Class 4 and a Class 10 make a big difference ?



Brand? No.

Class? Maybe. Some people have reported problems when using Class 10 cards. Others have no issues. Just to play it safe given the choice, I’d opt for a Class 4.

But will having a Sandisk Memory card better ? or it won’t make a different at all ?

Personally, I prefer to use SanDisk cards with SanDisk products but to be honest, it probably doesn’t matter.

No diff., as long as it is a decent quality of card.

I have an 8G Samsung micro SD HC class2 and my SanDisk will not even load it. :confused: longest loading screen ever which produces only frustration, no positive results

do i have to get a new card? or is this a bum SanDisk that i should exchange?

Have you tried formattiing the card and putting a few files back on to see if that solves anything? Your long refreshing time could be (and usually is) file/ID3 tag-related.

See my other post “External SD” i have exactly the same problem with the same exact card,

A possibility is to use the SD Association’s Formatter tool, which can often help.  Available at the SD Association’s website.