Does a sync remove deleted photos?

(first time forum-er) I’m worried that when the Auto-backup happens (iPhone to iXpand Flash), all the photos that I’ve cleared off the phone will be cleared off the drive (like iCloud syncs). Is that what happens?
My whole purpose for the new iXpand is to make room on my phone, but not lose the photos.

This is a pretty fundamental question, but I can’t find the answer anywhere.

Hi @backwoodsbob,

When you click on Autoback after completion it will ask you whether you want to keep backed up data in your device or not. If you doesn’t want to keep the data in your device then click on “Delete” else click on “Do not delete”

Please refer below link to check Backup and Restore files using the app iXpand Flash Drive:

Please refer below link to check more information:

Thank you, Keerti. When I first backed up my photos to the SanDisk flash, I did not choose to delete photos from my iPhone. I’ve since manually deleted thousands from the phone. My concern is that if I reconnect the phone to the SanDisk, the flash drive will delete the photos I’ve taken off the phone. It automatically begins to sync. How do I stop this?

Hi @backwoodsbob,

I would like to inform you that at time of backup only you will receive a notification to delete files or else you need to delete those files manually.