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:smiley:I’m looking for a clock radio + cd player with a doking station for my Sansa Fuze 4G. Is there such thing? I have a small room, and even a clock radio with a doking station for my sansa fuze would be great. Let me know!

I don’t know about the CD player, but check this thread.

Here’s the Altec-Lansing im413. 

Made for the E200, but it’s also supposed to work with the Fuze. 

I can confirm that the iM413 works with the Fuze, but besides missing the CD player, it’s also not a clock radio. It has FM radio but no clock.

The Timex clock radio/dock in the first link is the closest you’ll get to all those features (but it only has mono sound, albeit quite good mono sound).

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I don’t know about the CD player, but check this thread.


Here’s the Altec-Lansing im413. 


Made for the E200, but it’s also supposed to work with the Fuze. 

I bought the Altec-Lansing about a week ago and I’m fairly disappointed. The sound seemed OK in the store, but since it was a huge electronics superstore with lots of other stuff playing it was hard to tell.

When I got it home I realized it wasn’t what I wanted. The sound was mediocre at best. Not awful, but not a good showcase for the Fuze. Also it constantly charges the Fuze. I thought this a plus, but that was when I thought you could turn the autocharge off. You can’t. The last thing is not really a shortcoming, just my own over-expectations. Because I had heard it was designed for Sansa playere, I thought the Altec remote could be used to control the Fuze - what was I thinking? I imagined navigating through my songs, picking playlists, toggling between sequential and random, changing settings like equalizer.

I can’t really hold the last two against the Altec. But since it can’t control the Fuze, can’t control the charge, and has a not very good sound I’m going to return it and pick something with a good sound that lets me use the Fuze through the line-in.

Did you ever find a docking station to work with your Sansa Fuze?


The Griffin dock is fine for charging and line out, but lacks any remote, but iit’s a great way to hook the fuze to a home stereo, and it can be powered via a usb mini cable to a usb power adapter. If connected to your PC it’s also great for dropping in to sync music.

IMHO:  the altek-lansing iM413 is pretty good, but could stand to be about 50% louder. I tried it in my car and it simply wasn’t loud enough while driving, but it’s great my home office or other room without much outside noise.

The remote works fine within the limitations that it’s only for next track, previous track, volume, pause etc.

I can’t imagine trying to navigate the menus using a remote (I’m picturing sitting across the room with a pair of binoculars in one hand and the remote in the another :smiley:).

So I use the iM413 by selecting a playlist or folder set when I put it in the player, then use the remote to navigate tracks, pause, control volume etc. That works for me… Besides I got it for $29.99 with free shipping from on sale, and you can’t beat that. The  usual price is around $70-$80

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Quick note:  on the griffin dock the line out is only active when powered externally… (not from PC)