Displayed information on the Clip and Fuze

Imo it is very hard to see the elapsed time on both the clip and Fuze, and the clock time and time remaining on the Fuze. Can these be made easier to read? On the Fuze there seems to be plenty of space to enlarge these, and on the both the clip and Fuze these could be in a bolder font.

Message Edited by JK98 on 01-02-2009 12:42 AM

Maybe you could get one of those plastic screen protector filmy thingies that also magnifies? :smileyvery-happy:

Just kiddding, my peepers would appreciate a larger and/or bold font too. :wink:

I know my mother would probably appreciate this feature :wink:

Actually, whilst we’re talking about the displayed information, I’d really like to see a numerical value added to the volume adjustment.

The difference between volume 4 or 6 is rather large with high-end In Ear Monitors, yet without counting out the steps on the volume bar it can be difficult to determine what volume you’re actually set to when moving between quiet and noisy environments. A numerical indicator would help save our ears!