Disaster happens when you trust SANDISK micro SD cards blindly...

Hi everyone,

This is regarding my 2 micro SD cards I bought few months back from Mumbai, India. Initially the two cards of SAN DISK make 64GB capacity each, worked well in both my Samsung Note 2 & Note 3 smart phones when I bought them. Unfortunately, it has stopped working suddenly and what ever data it has it was non transferable and I could not format the disk on my Mobile, on computers having both Windows 8 & Mac’s Apple OS. So, here I have two disks which have the data on it and both are readable on mobiles but can not be formated and can not be used since I am unable to store any data on it after once it stopped working. Actually both the disks are extremely expensive compared to other ones available in the market at the time I bought them, hoping to get the best of the best in the market to work best for me. But, here I am with two of the cards not working and no one to help. I took them to the dealer where I bought them & to my surprise he said there is no warranty on these cards so can’t do any good for these disks and also refused to help for the same. 

So, I have really learnt my lesson, and with this forum would request to all PLEASE DO NOT DARE BUYING ANY MICRO SD CARDS FROM THIS COMPANY WHICH CHEATS THE CUSTOMERS WITH THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY ! Again I am repeating I spent more than Rs. 5000 for each 64 GB cards and my money is totally lost … so, please do not buy any CARDS made by this company. They are good for just 2-3 months initially and do not work further. 

This is just for those innocent people who buy products with big Branded names and tags which is the trust they show in those brands but remember end of the day the companies do not even help you resolve your issues and gives nothing against their faulty products. I am a Computer professional and could not resolve this problem by using different methods to format the SD cards, so be AWARE and buy some other and better product from better company but not from this one. Also this is my personal experience and I am just sharing all this with you all to avoid such problems with you and with no other intentions.

Thanks for reading.

seeing 2 failkures like this at the same time is pretty rare. these card may not be authentic. if the cards are authentic they do have a warranty. contact sandisk support and they can work through the issue with you.