Did not receive installation cd rom for the Clip Zip

Do I need the cd in order to use the SanDisk Clip Zip MP3 player?

None of my sandisk players came with disks. Whatever is on it, you don’t need it.

My guess is, the CD you’re referring to has a free trial to the optional Rhapsody music subscription service. Optional and not needed for the use and enjoyment of your player.

Ok, thought i needed the cd, but the clip zip will not charge with any of the adapters i bought with it. (wall charger tried it for 2 days), tried the usb charger and neither one worked. Any suggestions?

no i dont need it then. Now i have a problem with it not charging (tried both chargers i bought with it, wall charger and usb but to no avail will it charge.

Which chargers did you buy? Do you have a cellphone? Try charging it with your cellphone charger. Make sure it is 5 volts and at least 350 ma before connecting it.