Device driver software was not successfully installed issues

Hi All,

I have had this issue since I first bought the device and now has passed 30 days since purchase.

When I plug it into a new machine, I always get the error “Device driver software was not successfully installed” no matter what version of Windows it is.  When I remove it and plug it back in, then the key lights up (whereas it never does on first plug-in) and is detected from there on in without any issues. This seems to only happen with Windows machines.

Is there something I’m doing wrong here? I’ve tried this on many machines and the issue is consistent.

Is there firmware that I can run for this to fix this issue, or perhaps U3 wasn’t removed successfully? Though, I seem to remember it never coming with it installed.

This is for the Cruzer 8GB key all black with an inner red usb connector.

Thank you!

Hah - sounds just like mine (I have a Cruzer Blade 4GB though).

Guessing this is in Windows 7. By “no matter what version of Windows”, even windows XP? I found mine was detected properly there for some reason. However, given I don’t use XP anymore, this is certainly annoying.


When the device is recognized what driver/s has Windows allocated to it?

will have to get back to you on that - someone’s borrowing the drive at the moment.:cry:

I’m having the same problem could you please help me?