Deleting Images from microSD

I haved a SanDisk 4GB microSD chip, which I use to save photos onto for transfer (via adapter) onto my computer. However, while I can transfer files from the chip, I can’t delete the files, so they keep piling up on my chip. How do I remove these images?

Please help.



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While the card is connected to your computer (via a card reader/adaptor), navigate to the photo files on the card in Windows Explorer (card will be a separate drive letter), highlight the files you want to delete (pressing the Ctrl key in conjunction with the mouse allows you to select multiple files), and then press the Delete key on your keyboard to send them to your Recycle bin. Or press Shift + Delete to completely delete them (even from your Recycle Bin/folder).

Lather, rinse and repeat until all you want gone, is gone.

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If you want to delete the unwanted photos from your microSD card, then format your microSD card with the computer. This will clean your microSD card. Remember one thing that format will erase all your photos from microSD card. So if you are trying to format it check for the photos that you want to save on your computer. After saving all of the important photos, format the microSD card completally. 

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OP’s problem is that after deleting files/images, they reappear on the mSD card.

I got the same problem. Windows cannot complete format, nor any other partition/HDD disk/erase tools.

After deleting/cleaning the partition of my 16GB micro SDHC, I unplug and plug it back in with all the data still there.

I’ve tried to delete the files under DOS, PE and linux with no success, even XP install cannot get rid of the partition on my mSD card.

Does anyone know a solution?


EDIT: I’ve tried with SD adapter(unlocked) and USB microSD adapter. Even in a Smartphone.

I got the same problem, please respond to this, Sandisk!

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