Decent speakers - advice

Hi all

My wife just bought the Fuze 8gb to play some audio books on. She also bought a Coby folding speaker system . Sadly even with the volume up to max she can hardly hear the audio books. Music sounds Ok volume wise but not audio books.She paid 26$ for the Coby system .

Can anyone reccomend a better speaker system for her to get.

Also a better set of headphones/earphones than the ones that came with it.

Without breaking the bank lol.



In that price range, I bought an open-box logitech mm32 from the amazon marketplace.  This speaker set gets returned a lot because it looks on the box that it will dock and charge an ipod, but in fact it does neither.  Not that it matters if you are using it for a sansa.

Definitely nothing fancy (think of it as a pair of small PC speakers turned sideways), but loud enough and can run on either power cord or AA batteries.   Comes with a fabric case to put it away in, too.  My kids use it for audio books all the time.

Before you give up on your current speakers though, did you try changing the volume to “high” under system settings on your sansa?


Thanks for the reply, yes we switched settings to high but still no use.

Can anyone reccomend any speakers please…not in the 26$ price range really

Dearer but better than the ones we have…she saw some Altec Lansing ones on Amazon for 56$?

Also any help on decent headphones also woiuld be appreciated