Dashboard S.M.A.R.T. short and extended test result 27

when doing both the short and extended tests it shows that the test is done and the result is: code 27.

note that i have sandisk ssd plus and i just installed the dashboard.

also note that the dashboard still says that i havent done any S.M.A.R.T Test although i did them both 2 times.

so what exactly is code 27 and why it always says “last run:none”?

Hi 7amzakamel,

The code 27 means the test timed out, which means the test has not been done, the reason for this varies, may be from physical connection, or from OS commands, or even drive controller

Are you connecting this SSD thru USB? If so some SMART commend may not pass through USB interface, if not then maybe there are other issues, have you seen any other problem with functionality of the drive ?

You can always contact our support centers for more detailed troubleshooting to isolate the issue

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thanks for the quick reply i will contact them. ps. i’m not using usb, it is connected properly through sata3.