Code error 27

I have a code error 27 on SSD Extreme 240Go in long test S.M.A.R.T.

What happen?

My ssd is dead?

I will change it?

code 27 means the test timed out, it may be caused by multiple reasons: host side, drive side, even connection, if you have concern about the SSD health, please feel free to contact our support and provide full dashboard report

I put here the SSD_Dashboard_Report.csv generate with SansDisk SDD Dashboard -

In orange it’s it appear with “!” in the  long S.M.A.R.T long test

Report Generated at Mon Jul 24 2017 22:17:48,,,,,,
System Information
OS,Windows 10 ,,,,,,
OS Major Version,10,,,,,,
OS Minor Version,0,,,,,,
OS Build Number,15063,,,,,,
OS CSD Version,,,,,,,
Processor (CPU),Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz,,,,,,
Computer Manufacturer,MSI,,,,,,
Computer Model,MS-7850,,,,,,
Secure Boot,Disable,,,,,,
Controller,Contrôleur AHCI SATA standard,10.0.15063.332,,,,,
Drive Information
Product Name,SanDisk Extreme Solid State Drive,,,,,,
Model,SanDisk SDSSDX240GG25,,,,,,
Model,SanDisk SDSSDX240GG25,,,,,,
Serial Number,xxxxxxxxxxxx,,,,,,
Firmware Revision,R211,,,,,,
Worldwide Name,5001B4472CAE73E7,,,,,,
ATA Major Version,ATA-8,,,,,,
Mode E,Not Supported,,,,,,
ATA Security,Disabled in BIOS,,,,,,
TCG Opal 2.0/eDrive Security,,,,,,,
Drive Advanced Details
WORD ID,General configuration,Value
0,General configuration,0x0C5A,,,
1,# of Cylinders,0x3FFF,,,
2,Specific configuration,0xC837,,,
3,# of Heads,0x0010,,,
6,# of Sectors,0x003F,,,
7-8,Current Capacity in Sectors,0 (0x0),,,
22,ECC Bytes,0x0004,,,
47,R/W multiple commands,0x8010,,,
48,Trusted Computing feature set options,0x4000,,,
51,PIO Data Xfer Cycle Timing Mode,0x0200,,,
52,DMA Data Xfer Cycle Timing Mode,0x0200,,,
53,Fields valid,0x0007,,,
54,Current Cylinders,0x3FFF,,,
55,Current Heads,0x0010,,,
56,Current Sectors,0x003F,,,
56,Current Sectors,0x003F,,,
57-58,Current Capacity,4228907259 (0xfc1000fb),,,
59,Current multiple values,0x0110,,,
60-61,# of User Addressable Sectors,268435455 (0xfffffff),,,
63,Multiword DMA,0x0007,,,
64,Advanced PIO Modes Supported,0x0003,,,
65,Minimum Multiword DMA transfer cycle time per word,0x0078,,,
66,Manufacturer's recommended Multiword DMA transfer cycle time,0x0078,,,
67,Minimum PIO transfer cycle time without flow control,0x0078,,,
68,Minimum PIO transfer cycle time with IORDY,0x0078,,,
69,Additional Supported,0x4200,,,
75,Queue depth,0x68816202,,,
76,Serial ATA Capabilities,0xC70E,,,
77,Negotiated SATA Signal Speed,0x0006,,,
78,Serial ATA features supported,0x004C,,,
79,Serial ATA features enabled,0x0040,,,
80,Major version number,0x01FC,,,
81,Minor version number,0x0110,,,
82,Commands and feature sets supported,0x746B,,,
83,Commands and feature sets supported,0x7469,,,
84,Commands and feature sets supported,0x6163,,,
85,Commands and feature sets supported or enabled,0x7429,,,
86,Commands and feature sets supported or enabled,0xB449,,,
87,Commands and feature sets supported or enabled,0x6163,,,
88,Ultra DMA modes,0x207F,,,
89,Security Erase Time,0x0001,,,
90,Enhanced Mode Security Erase Time,0x0000,,,
91,Advanced Power Management Level,0x00FE,,,
92,Master Password Identifier,0xFFFE,,,
93,Hardware reset result,0x0000,,,
94,Acoustic Management,0x0000,,,
95,Stream Minimum Request,0x0000,,,
96,Streaming Transfer Time - DMA,0x0000,,,
97,Streaming Access Latency - DMA and PIO,0x0000,,,
98-99,Streaming Performance Granularity,0 (0x0),,,
100-103,Number of User Addressable Logical Sectors,468862128 (0x1bf244b0),,,
104,Streaming Transfer Time - PIO,0x0000,,,
105,Max # of 512-byte blocks per DATA SET MANAGEMENT command,0x0001,,,
106,Physical sector size / logical sector size,0x4000,,,
107,Inter-seek delay for ISO 7779 standard acoustic testing,0x0000,,,
117-118,Logical sector size,0 (0x0),,,
119,Commands and feature sets supported,0x401A,,,
120,Commands and feature sets supported or enabled,0x4018,,,
128,Security status,0x0009,,,
160,CFA power mode,0x0000,,,
163,CFA advanced IDE,0x0000,,,
168,Device Normal Form Factor,0x0000,,,
169,DATA SET MANAGEMENT command is supported,0x0001,,,
169,DATA SET MANAGEMENT command is supported,0x0001,,,
170-173,Additional Product Identifier,,,,
176-205,Current media serial number,,,,
206,SCT Command Transport,0x0021,,,
209,Alignment of logical blocks within a physical block,0x4000,,,
214,NV Cache Capabilities,0x0000,,,
215,NV Cache size in Logical Blocks,0x0000,,,
217,Nominal media rotation rate,0x0001,,,
219,NV Cache options,0x0000,,,
222,Transport major version number,0x103F,,,
223,Transport minor version number,0x0000,,,
230-233,Extended Number of User Addressable Sectors,0 (0x0),,,
234,Minimum number of 512-byte data blocks per Download Microcode mode 03h,0x0000,,,
235,Maximum number of 512-byte data blocks per Download Microcode mode 03h,0x0000,,,
255,Integrity word,0xCEA5,,,
SMART Details
1,Raw Read Error Rate,110,56594,50,,
5,Retired Block Count,100,37,3,,
9,Power On Hours,84,14613,0,,
12,Device Power Cycle Count,97,3231,0,,
171,Program Fail Count,0,1,0,,
172,Erase Fail Count,0,0,0,,
174,Unexpected Power Loss Count,0,369,0,,
177,Wear Range Delta,0,9,0,,
181,Program Fail Count,0,1,0,,
182,Erase Fail Count,0,0,0,,
187,Reported Uncorrectable Errors,100,0,0,,
195,On-the-Fly ECC Uncorrectable Error Count,120,56594,0,,
196,Reallocation Event Count,100,37,3,,
231,SSD Life Left,98,0,10,,
241,Lifetime Writes to Host,0,6078,0,,
242,Lifetime Reads from Host,0,34727,0,,
Mon Jul 24 2017 20:46:39,SMART Short Test,Success,,,,,
Mon Jul 24 2017 20:53:02,SMART Extended Test,Fail,Error Code,27,,,


got the same error code 27 with

SanDisk SSD Dashboard,

S.M.A.R.T Diagnostic Extended Test,

boot drive SanDisk SSD Plus Solid State Drive, SDSSDA240G, Firmware Z22000RL

Windows 10 Home 64bit (Version 1703, Build 15063.483)

PC HP h9-1250eg

The test never completed on any try.

My workaround: Restart Windows 10 in “safe mode with network” and let run the extended test, dashboard started as Administrator. This is always successful with my machine and the longish test ends without an error ocde.