CZ80 64GB as boot drive for Windows 10 shows SMART warnings

I used WINtoUSB to create a (non-authorized) Windows to go drive, using the “native” option not the VHD option.

Works fan-freaking-tastic!  For the first few boots it showed up as a spinner and I was able to use Windows to “optimize” it.  Suddenly it showed up as a SSD.  Great! But the optimize button was greyed out.  So I began to search for a way to “trim” it.

I downloaded and installed SanDisk SSD explorer and was able to trim the CZ80.  Perfect! Except now it is warning me that I have 0% spare blocks remaining.

As the drive is not actually a true SSD I wonder if this is a “normal” condition or if I truely have a “drive” that is going to give me problems soon.

Has anyone else run SanDisk SSD Explorer against a CZ80?  What was the result?

Can someone at SanDisk tell me if this is a “normal” result?


this is a USB drive and it does not have the same spare area the SSD has. This is normal for the USB drive. 

That’s what I figured.  If it had not been the genuine SanDisk tool I’d have probbly not given it a second thought.

I was shocked that a USB drive supported SMART at all.