Cruzer San Disk 2.0 flash Drive 8 GB

I’ll see if I can do this correctly I bought this approx 10 mths ago and never opened or used it till today , today I inserted it into the computer and it tells me it’s missing a component or something like that, I suspect it needs a update on the driver but the computer couldn’t find one for it, I’m using Windows 7 Home Premium 32/64 bit Explorer 8 and the computer is HP All In One

Hopefully some one can help me figure out the problem tried to check for update on driver but didn’t really know where to look. Please help me.

Ok, better info.

When the USB drive is plugged in does it light up?

If you go to look at your computer’s drives do you see the USB drive(s)?  Does it show as one drive or two? 

I’ve seen a few similar posts.  Sounds like this drive was bought before Win7 was out.  I bet the U3 software isn’t compatible.

My guess is you just need to go to disk management, blow away the factory partitions, add a new partition, and format FAT32.

It doesn’t work that way samus8zero2x.