Cruzer Mp3 Companion Firmware Update

Does anyone have the 1.1.0 Firmware update?

the filename is ccmp11100.rom

I enjoy this old product and like to buy them on e-bay.

The problem is that they sometimes have the 1.0.6 firmware.

SanDisk support says they no longer have the file.

In this digital age, I shocked that any firmware file isn’t archived somewhere.

If you have the firmware, please let me know…

Hello Blcksmith04,

I just saw 1/13/09 request for MP3 Companion firmware update file ccmp11100.rom.  I have that file plus the update instructions.  The file name is ccmp11100.rom and was dated 7/28/04.  I downloaded and saved it on 9/16/04 but I thought it was version 1.0.9.  Since the file name is the same as your request, it must be version 1.1.0.

I am new to this forum and have no idea how to send the file to you.  You can have it if you tell me how to send it to you.  It is 467KB on disk.

As far as I’am concern there is no firmware update for the cruzer companion because this is a Legacy device already, you can try to check out SanDisk latest device that you can try. :wink:

Please e-mail file and instructions to


There is a firmware update.

I know this because I had it in the past.

Sandisk sent it to me in an e-mail years ago.

Yes this is a legacy device NOW.

But when I got the upodate it was not.

If I go to my SanDisk support account, I still have access to the message they sent me back then, but all the links in that message are dead links.

As I said before, it’s surprising to me, that in this digital age, there isn’t and archive of past firmware.

I mean c’mon it’s less that 500K, that sure doesn’t take up much space no matter how you store it.

can you email it to