Cruzer Micro - 256mb

Hi - as you can see I have an old usb flash drive - can the software for this be updated -

or just get rid of it - I can’t believe the price I paid when purchased compared to what the

prices are now - Thanks for any replies!!!

There is no software (or firmware) for a flash drive. It’s just a memory card with a convenient handle; a blank memory space. And there’s no way to ‘upgrade’ the memory capacity so if it works, continue to use it for storage or transfer of files under 256mb or get a new, larger one if your needs justify it.

Hi. When you say update the software, what functions are you looking for? For the prices, that’s just about the trend. It’s like USBs evolve exponentially and the prices drop in a heart beat. Are you looking to purchase more space? Now would be a good time to buy a new one.

What software are you referring to?  What files are currently on the drive?  And are they files SanDisk put there or someone else?

Sorry, more questions than answers. 

If you have no use for the files on the drive simply delete them.  As for whether it will work in a newer pc I see no reason why it shouldn’t unless it’s damaged.