Cruzer Glide 16GB (3 Pack)

On 3/29/18 I purchased a 3 pack of the Cruzer Blide (Gray Red) at Walmart to work on a home project. I also purchased 2 32GB Cruzer Glides at the same time. I have had no problems with the the 32GB USB’s, but 2 from the first 3 pack failed within the first week of use. Due to lack of time, I didn’t return them to Walmart, I just went the there and purchased another 3 pack of the 16GB Cruzer Glide’s. Within a few days 1 out of that 3 Pack failed. I called the phone number on the package and the representative took all the pertenant information and told me that I would receive an email with instructions for returning the (3) failed drives, and gave me an RMA #4594631. Now, 30+ days later I go on the website to check the status of the RMA and find that the info was never entered into the system. 

Would somone please advise me of what I need to do to get this issue corrected.

I"m not upset, I have used Sandisk thumb drives for many years and never had a problem before. Even the best QC programs can still allow a defective product to slip through the crack once in a while. I would have given you a scanned image of the receipts but my scanner is down at the moment so I took a picture of the drives and the receipts when they were purchased.

I would contact SanDisk again directly and expalain what happened just like you did here.

This is a user’s forum & therefore un-equipped to help with your issue.