Cruzer Fit 64GB USB 2.0 not being detected

I have a Cruzer Fit 64GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive that is not being detected on either a Mac or a Windows laptop. The red light comes on briefly but doesnt stay put or blink. Its just a two months old drive!

The flash memory had my entire photo collection. So even if I have to go for a warranty claim, I need to first extract these files off it. Can anyone help here?

On Windows does the drive show up in Disk Management?

Yes it does (as Cruzer), but doesn’t show up in My Computer.

On Mac, it doesnt show up at all.

The attached screenshots show how the USB drive is showing up in Control Panel 


It is also greyed out when I want to view contents


In Disk Management try changing the drive letter.

And based on your images the drive is certainly being detected.

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It doesn’t allow me to change the drive letter.

It appears from the pictures that the disk is being detected but that’s about it. I can’t view the contents or format the disk or perform any other action.

I have a MacBook as well if you can suggest me any remedy based on that?