Cruzer Facet 8GB flash drives, can't find driver software?

I bought a 4-pack of 8GB Facet flash drives. My older Sandisk flash drives work just fine, but my system says it cannot find the drivers for these Facets I bought. I have no idea what to do. If I can’t get some help this evening, or reasonably early tomorrow, I guess I will have to try and take them back to Costco. I am not sure I still have the receipt. Is there a site where the drivers can be downloaded? I am not so good with computers, formatting a drive is not something I want to try and do. I have read enough on these pages to make me think I’ve went with the wrong brand. I can’t afford to just throw them out and try again, my pension won’t allow it. :cry:

Have you checked this page?

As far as I know that page is the only help the the SanDisk company offers, and for me it was a dead end. I did everything there at least 4 times. I’m a bit worried about some of the verdicts I’ve seen on that page, that the flash drives are just no good. Now I suspect that I’ve been victimized by more shoddy manufacturing from China. There are no instructions that came with the drives I purchased, there is no phone number. The only other Sandisk flash drives I have worked just fine when I bought them. :frowning:

Now I suspect that I’ve been victimized by more shoddy manufacturing from China.

Then return them to the seller.  Costco stands by their merchandize. 

there is no phone number.

That is simply not true.  At the top of the link I posted previouslyis a link named Contact Us which takes you to this page

which includes phone numbers around the world.

BTW The vast majority of drivers are a standard part of Windows.  It is rare that someone needs to download one.