Creating playlists on player (e.g.with MP3tag)

I’m trying to create a playlist of the files that reside on my Fuze using MP3tag.

According to what I read her in the forums that should be possible.

But in MP3tag I can’t access the Music directory:

In MSC mode I can’t see any files at all.

In MTP mode (which I prefer) I get a message like “Music is not a valid directory name”.

Any ideas? How are you creating your playlists with MP3tag?

Edit: Besides, it’s not MP§tag related. I tried what was suggested in other threads with Winamp, too. Problem is, that in MSC mode there are no files visible and dragging and dropping files in MTP mode works only when the target is a directory on my PC but not when it’s MP3tag or a Winamp playlist.

Edit2:  System specs: Brand new Fuze, Firmware v02.03.31P, Win7 x64

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Ah, thanks. I didn’t know that the songs transferred in one mode aren’t visible in the other mode. And since the preinstalled songs were only visible in MTP I thought that would be the mode to use.

Your tip was perfect: I formatted the player and retransferred all songs in MSC.

Then I created some playlists in MP3tag (which was able to see the songs now). Important setting there is to check “Entries relative from work directory”.

Thanks for the help!

TomJensen wrote:
The music was transferred via MTP, so the PC can only see them in MTP. But MP3Tag and most PC software only work in MSC. Solutions are: a) reformat and re-transfer in MSC, b) use MTP-capable software like Media Monkey(?), or c) do M3U playlist manually and drag&drop in MTP.

Whichever option you chose, know that both M3U and PLA playlist formats have a 1000-song limit. Longer playlists will get truncated at the 1000-song mark.

I think this MTP/MSC thing is a liability. It causes a lot of confusion for users, and the database used is central to a host of problems and drawbacks: long refresh times, limits on number of entries and field lengths, and high susceptibility to corruption. Hopefully, they will ditch it and go with straight MTP, which can also do drag&drop via a regular file manager.

Won’t happen for the Fuze or its follow-up, though. May be in a couple of years, if Sansa is still cranking out players by then.

[Ignoring the RB peeps preening in the background.]

Ditch MSC and just go with straight MTP? Are you on drugs?:dizzy_face:

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TomJensen wrote:

I wouldn’t notice any different if the thing was MTP-only.

I’ll bet you would if you couldn’t get it to connect to your computer like the hundreds (or thousands) of other people who come here looking for help.

Undoubtedly the most common question/complaint/problem on the forum here, regardless of player or board. And it’s all thanks to MTP mode.

MTP mode is required for commercial content. It’s a given. All players have it as default, including the Fuze, right now. Removing MSC won’t cause any more connection problem. It will cause less.

The main reason for a USB MSC device is to store things other than music. You can’t do that well with the Fuze. Any time you add something, it incurs a “refresh” downtime. That alone negates any utility the Fuze may have as an impromptu storage device–the raison d’etre of MSC. This, not counting all of the other problems associated with the database.

I realize it’s a moot argument. The database is a done deal for the current Sansa line, plus any immediate follow-up. It’d be too much work to change. The only time you’d reconsider this is at the design stage, and that’ll be for whatever line that come after the Fuze/Clip. Like I said, probably a couple of years.

You are right about the USB mode and Playlist problems causing the most confusion in the Forums!

I have tried with MTP - I really have! - lots of times! However, I can only see my “Fuze+ Internal Memory” AND the “Sandisk MicroSDCH Card” in MSC mode on my Windows PC.

I tried Windows XP and Windows Media Player 11 AND Windows 7 with WMP 12.

I tried everything here in FORUMS and still no joy - I only get “Playlist Empty”

I use J River Media Jukebox (awesome and FREE) in MSC mode to Sync my 5375 MP3’s to my fuze+

One Playlist with tracks for the YEAR’s 1960-1994 to Sync to Internal Mem, and

One Playlist with tracks for the YEAR’s 1995-2011 to Sync to Card…

The Playlists populate the relevant YEAR to the correct Fuze+ memory location OK, (albeit “Playlist Empty” on the Fuze+)…


I need to use my Playlists (5 STAR , PARTY, NEW STUFF, OLDIES etc.) to make it easier to locate certain tracks!

I just tried MP3TAG, (also awesome and FREE) which creates Playlists, but they show as “Playlist Empty” on Fuze+ device…<sigh>

I’ve got 14000+ tracks, and various players, and I don’t need no stinking playlists…:stuck_out_tongue:

Ones needs are obviously very different Sir!! :smileyvery-happy:

Stinking or not I want them dam Playlists haha!!

There ain’t 14000 songs that I’ve heard that I like, then I’m only 62 - I struggled to get to 5375 - but don’t have much space left on Fuze+

Can I ditch all the folders and subs-folder and just keep the MP3’s??  - May speed things up a bit? All my ID3 v2.3 are good (according to MP3TAG) wot you think??