Create playlists with a software other that wmp or Itune

I’m not using Windows media player, Itune or any other software to manage my mp3 file.  I just created folders, and I copy/paste mp3 files into sansa clip memory.

The problem  is that when if I create a playlist with wmp or itune, it will make a synchronization and do a mess in my mp3 folders.

Do you know any software that will just create playlists without doing any automatic changes?

Give a program called Mp3tag a try. It will help you to change the tags in your music If they need it and will create playlists. I have used it to tag many songs but have not used it for playlists. Some others use it with success.

If you’re using MSC mode, Winamp works really well for creating playlists from files already on your player.  Just drag files from the player into Winamp’s playlist editor, arrange as desired, and save the playlist to the player’s MUSIC folder.