Corrupt RAW Files? Sandisk SDHCI ExtPro 16gig 95 mb/s, with Pentax 645D

Has anyone seen this behavior? I got it the first time yesterday, on a job with the Pentax 645D:

I got back to the hotel, and started downloading the RAW files, and when importing the DNGs into Lightroom, it would download the first two files, and then sorta of freeze up, and then Lightroom would give a dialogue box with a list of all the rest of the file names that were still on the card, and the message indicated that they were “unrecognizable”.

The files were still on the card, but Lightroom would not import them. It scared me. I’m using this combo on another job very soon.

Same behavior happened with TWO different SD cards. After the failure, I inserted a different card, and tested it in the hotel room; shot new photos and it downloaded two files then froze up and gave same dialogue box.

The cards were Sandisk SD Extreme Pro, one was a 64gig, and the other was a 16gig. Both were the newer 95 mb/s SDHC1.


* 645d has latest firmware.
* Card was a 95mbs Sandisk SD card. Newest style card.
* Macbook Pro 13" computer running latest OS.
* Lightroom 3.6 Mac.

Any thoughts before I start testing again today. I turned the camera to JPG ONLY to finish the job and it shot and downloaded JPG File Format just fine. But with RAW ONLY, it locked up.

The only “new” variables, from what I’ve been shooting for months are: The new 95 m/s Sandisk Cards, and also I was using my little 13" to import, rather than my 27 iMac.

The screengrab for the corrupted non readable card is at:

Mark Tucker, Mark Tucker