Convert SanDisk UltraFit 64GB to be as Localdisk

Dear all greetings I’m working as an IT Guy for a company and i used to use Sandisk Storage so as to it can be repartitioned into more than 1 drive. i used to have 4 GB Fat32 PRimary Active for HirenBoot and reset space as NTFS drive for my staff. it was working fine on pervuis 32GB pendive and when i found this release of 64 Ultrafit, i purchased it but unfortunate it shows as Removable Drive and windows can only read my 4 GB drive and rest space are unreadable. so please i need any tool to change it from Removable to Local disk so that it be can reparationed (2 Drives).

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On your primary partition create a folder named “My Stuff” or “P2”.  Copy all your 2ndary partition files & folders to it.  Windows will be able to see and access all the files.

Intent on a 2nd partition, download a Live Linux distro that has a partition tool like GParted and partition the flash drive.  Windows will not see files on the 2nd partition.

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