Connet M230 with computer but folder M230 no display in window explorer

Hi everybody:smiley:,

I’m newbie :smileyvery-happy:so I need everybody’s help. I had a problem. My M230 connected computer but the folder M230 didnot display in window explorer :neutral_face:and the display of M230 show “Not enough space for Music DB. Please free 8MB”. This is a hardware or software error, isn’t it? Now I can’t use it:cry:. Who can help me! :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:

Thank you very much before:wink:

try formatting the device; right-click it in “my computer” and select the format option.

Dear Egnima,

There aren’t folder of it in window explorer so I can’t format it:cry:

Please tell me another way!:dizzy_face:

Thanks your reply!

Ok, do this…

  • Disconnect the player from the computer (just in case)
  • Go to the computer in question and open up “my computer”.

Take note of all the items listed in this window anything new that pops up when we connect the mp3 player, will be the mp3 player.

  • Take the battery out of your mp3 player

  • connect it to the pc via USB cable

    • Does the player say connected on the LCD screen when connected to the pc?

Did anything new pop up when you connected the mp3 player? If so, what? You should see something along the lines of “removable disk”, or “audio device”.

If nothing pops up in “my computer” then the computer is not detecting your player.

If something did pop up…

  • Right-click on the new item that appeared.

    • what are the options you get when you right-click on it?

Dear Enigma,

I did all your advices but my computer didn’t recognize the player. Althought the player shown “USB connected” but there aren’t popup menus or anything appear on my computer. I think my player “Gone with the wind”:cry:


Anyway thank you very much for your advices.

Have a good day!