connection issue


I have an issue connecting to my Stick. I tried both Chrome and Safari on my iMac (el capitan). When I connect the URL automatically adds https to the front and I cannot connect at all.

 Itried lots of search forums etc and found what I though was a solution, I ste everything up, connected to the wireless network for my Stick, and typed in  whiched worked! I was happy that I hav solved it. However, the VERY NEXT TIME I tried to connect, I couldn’t. Same problem - Firefow, Safari and Chrome all add the https to teh fropnt of teh url so I cannot connect.

Does anyone have any suggestions other than flush the cache and clear the cookies - which only works once.


A google search shows a lot of people having this issue with many non https websites. Here is a link that may help you sort the issue out with chrome. Hope it helps 

Thanks for the prompt reply. Unfortunately it did not work.

I will keep searching and look for a solution, posting back here when I do.