Connect and ixpand Flashdrive to an Android via USB

It was easy to get the pictures out of the iPad.

and easy to get then into a PC or a Mac (USB worked)


I bought it for porting pictures from my iPad to my Samsung tablet, and here start the problems.

I have tryed many, also Sandisk’s App not the flash drive is not showing up.

I know well there are other decises (wireless) but I want only to use wires!

(miniUSB-femaleUSB + ixpand)


the ixpand is designed for iOS devices. If you want something that works with both iOS and Android devices you will need to look at the wireless products. This product is designed for iOS only. 


Yes, sure .

But it has USB output and it say it is a flash drive - I have several flash drives with USB, which can be attached to an Android mini USB.

So, I’m puzzled about the design explanation, since I was reading spec. before buying.