ClipZip vs. Clip+ - does it make sense to buy ClipZip for C+ user?


I’m currently C+ user (Rockboxed), and I wonder whether it makes sense to buy CZ as a secondary player.

What are the main advantages of CZ compared to C+?

I know screen is (more) square, it’s longer (more vertical lines) but narrower - is it more convenient? Buttons seem to be convenient (shape and location, i.e Home button). Does the battery last longer on CZ? Is radio quality/reception better or same?

I don’t care for color screen too much. Any other advantages worth considering?


Clip Zip Pros:

  • Larger, Color Screen
  • Better FM Reception. No RF Interference (static) with screen backlight on
  • RDS Station Info Displayed
  • Sturdier Clip (some think)
  • AAC (Apple-iTunes) Format Support (for tracks under 10 min.)
  • Ability to hide Main Menu items you don’t use (Books, Recordings, Sport, etc.)
  • No “Pitch Bug” as in Clip+

Clip Zip Cons:

  • Color Screen Resolution Is Sub-Standard (ie: Crappy)
  • Buttons extend all the way to sides of unit, making it easy to inadventantly FF or REW without meaning to just by grabbing it, like in your pocket (big disadvantage in my opinion).
  • Buggy AAC Support
  • No Track Elasped Time Info Displayed (only progress bar)

I believe battery life is similar. And both can be “Rockboxed” (alternative, 3rd-party firmware) with various “themes” available to customize the GUI. The Zip is newer, although it’s still a few years old at this point, so it’s doubtful it will receive any more firmware updates from SanDisk. With the Plus model being older, you might find better prices on it than on the Zip.

Disclaimer: These are just my observations and opinions, and I may have forgotten a few or others may reply with their own viewpoints. :wink:

what is this “Pitch Bug” in Clip+?

It makes sense if you need a new player, but as an upgrade only if you are having fm problems. The fm on the zip is good and I use the fm most of the time, that is definitely a big plus for me, but not all Clip+ have the fm problem, so depends on your unit.

Personally, I could do without the color screen, but who cares. Some complain of the button layout, but just lock the settings (you can still adjust volume).

Menu heirarchy is an improvement and you can select display of top level items. Battery life has always been not so good for me, just get a wall charger. Having the old unit as a spare is nice, sort of like a spare battery.

@juhaz wrote:
what is this “Pitch Bug” in Clip+?