ClipZip not dead but not usable

When I switch it on, it first ligth up then goes black and on again but stay on the clover logo lighted up until the battery goes flat.

To switch it off I need to press the “off button” as for a reset, for twenty seconds.

If I plug it to the computer (usb), it goes on the same way, means ON then OFF and ON again and stay on the logo, but the computer don’t see it, either under Linux or Windows7.

I guess the soft bug but don’t see any way to solve the problem.

ScanDisk may have the solution and it would be great to have a technician reading these posts.

Unfortunately, as a general matter, SanDisk techs. do not monitor the forum.  Instead, if you want tech. help, best to contact SanDisk directly . . . .

You may have a dead stick here and I think you need to have this RMAed. Better check with tech support. 

@hirsche wrote:

You may have a dead stick here

The Clip Zip is NOT a “stick”.

You’ve been asked _ numerous _ times in your various and multiple identities on this forum to please READ posts before replying to them, so that your posts might be of a constructive and helpful nature.

To date, very few are. :angry: