Clip volume

Ok guys and gals, I’ve tried (really I have) to see if anyone else has this situation but drew a blank.

So here goes: I just can’t get good volume out of my Clip (8gb ver 2)!  I’m using those Sonix headphones that are on sale for $20 at our friends at Costco.  Tried them out with other sources (including a Sansa m240) and they seem to work just fine, only have to set the volume half way up.  So I know it’s neither the earphones nor my totally abused in a previous life aural appendages (hey, it was the 80s ok?)

Even went so far as to go back to our other friends at Walmart and picked up ANOTHER 8 gb Clip (boy, did I EVER have alot of explaining to do to you-know-who as to why I was buying another player) in the thought that perhaps I just got a lemon.  Nope.  Both operate the same.

Queries: (1) has anyone else experienced this? (2) what’s up with this player? (3) is the life of the player or, for that matter, the battery being shortened by playing the volume at nearly full volume?


No volume issues with my clips (2- 8GB ) at all… In fact, if everything is equal, the volume of my clips is slightly better than my 2 - 8GB fuzes.  Before purchasing my clips I almost always listened to my fuzes with the aid of a headphone amp.  With the 2 clips, I rarely use the headphone amp.

 Have you checked the volume setting in the menu? It has a setting in there for low and high. If those are earplug 'phones, those are usually very sensitive so there shouldn’t be a real issue with not getting enough volume unless -

  1. The recording is just bad. Some recordings just stink even though the music is good. I’ve had this problem. Some artists just had cruddy engineers working on their albums.

  2. If they are plug type headphones, it is possible you aren’t getting a good seal. You have to twist those things in your ears pretty good to get them sealed. If you can still hear the outside world pretty good in one or both ears, you’re probably not sealed. If the 'phones didn’t come with alternate sets of tips to try and get a better fit, perhaps you should consider returning them?

 I have a set of the JVC Marshmallows and I’m getting good volume with them. I’m even getting pretty good volume with HD497s, which are large and less sensitive than most buds. 

I hope I’m not overstepping my bounds, posting a suggestion with my newbie-ranking, but just for the heck of it, make sure your headphone jack is pushed all the way in. It can be a tight fit with the Clip and sometimes it just takes an extra 'nth insertion to get the jack fully seated.