Clip+ volume thru car radio.

The vvolume comming thru the headphones is fine. But when I hook the unit to the AUX input on my car radios, the volume is low. This is with both the player and radio volume maxed. This also happens with an olderCreative Zen. Any suggestions? TIA   Mark S

The AUX input on your radio is expecting a “line level” input.  Most mp3 player headphone outputs are quite a bit lower.  To get the volume up to a reasonable level you’ll need some sort of pre-amp. Google “portable headphone amp” or “Sound Shocker Pro” and you’ll find lots of info.

Sound Shocker Pro

thanks zzt. the maxed volume is ok with some files and almost ok with others. I’ll have to keep the windows up.   Mark S

When playing the Clip+ through your stereo, set the volume to Max level.  Be SURE to drop the level before plugging in your headphones!  The AUX input of your car stereo should have a much higher input impedance than any pair of headphones would, so the max volume level will not affect battery life much.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: