Low Volume in Car

This is my 1st MP3 player.  I was surprised that I have to almost Max the Clip+ volume and Max the car’s radio volume to get the sound loud enough for normal listening.  If the car were running 70 MPH I not sure I could hear it.  Is this normal with all MP3 players?  Any work arounds?

To help you answer, I’m using a PC with Windows XP.  All CDs were ripped using Windows Media Player 11,  with MP3 format and Bit Rate of 192 Kbps.

Assuming you’re using an AUX jack, you should have the Clip at max volume (since line out ~~ max headphone out). 

If thats still pretty quiet, and you happen to live in the EU, you may be volume capped and should reset the firmware to US so that you can get up to line out voltage on the headphone jack.