Clip Sport not alphabetizing new music added

I have used the Sport Clip for a few months now and when adding new music via drag and drop on my PC new albums are alphabetized as expected. Now all of a sudden new albums are added and remain at the bottom of the list instead of being alphabetized…why would this happen? When Clip is connected to PC and I review music entries they appear correctly alphabetized, just not on the Clip itself when removed from PC.

if you are looking at the folders menu selection it reads the FAT (file allocation table) to show the songs. When new files are added the FAT is not rebuilt it is only amended. The Clip sport does not reorder the files and the files added in the FAT amendment will be added to the end of the list. If you want the files all in alphabetical order they will all need to be added at the same time. 

Thx for your quick reply. This is not the case with my Clip+. Are they different in that way? Whenever I add to my Clip+ they appear alphabetized.

the sport is built using a completely different hardware platform. The sport is actually much more limited than previous models. 

Wow, bummer. I like the fact that it has a bigger screen and battery life is much longer. That’s a drag that they didn’t keep or even add features in comparison to older models. I just noticed another difference since you mentioned different platforms. I made a greatest hits album of about 2 hours of music. I is recognized as one song somehow by both Clip+ and Sport Clip. However on Sport Clip it only play back until the end of the first song and says file format not recognized. When I insert the same removable disk into the Clip+ it plays all the way through even though it recognizes it as only 1 song that is 2 hrs long…go figure. Thx again for your quick replies, I appreciate it!

A kludge:  run the separate software program FatSorter as against the songs on your player and it will alphabetize everything.  But it needs to be run each time you add new songs.

Wow, that’s so great! thx so much for the solution…you da man. :smiley:

Thanks.  And it would be better if the player did this all automatically . . . .  But, better for this kludge to exist and be easy to apply, than not!