Clip Sport Firmware 1.28 (2015)

This topic and attached zip file are about the original Clip Sport.
NOT for the Clip Sport Plus. NOT for the Clip Sport Go.

Prior to Firmware 1.28, Clip Sport Music databases were limited to 2000 objects internal and 2000 objects external. In Sept. 2015, SanDisk provided beta Firmware Version 1.28 for the Clip Sport. The primary benefit of beta FW 1.28 was the ability of the player to compile Music databases with up to 4000 objects. This was a close match to the capacity of 32 gb micro SD cards.

In Jan 2016, FW version 1.28 was withdrawn by SanDisk due to complaints from some Clip Sport users. The way SanDisk achieved the 4000 file capability was by reducing the number of characters for file sorting (8 instead of 14). This character reduction caused file sorting problems for some users. The best way to take advantage of FW 1.28 is to make sure the first 8 characters of your ID3 tag album, artist and song title fields have sufficient specificity.

The text file in the attached zip file has the installation instructions.
SanDisk Clip Sport Firmware (12.2 MB)

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