Clip not showing all albums?

Greetings to one’n’all

I got one of these new clips for Chrimbo and I must say how good the sound is.

I have put a load of mp3’s on it and just noticed a minor problem. As an avid Pink Floyd fan I have put 15 albums on there, but the clip only lists the first 5. My PC tells me there are 15 on there though. Any ideas?

The clip is in auto detect mode. Some of the mp3 files were created as windows mnv’s, but converted by CDEX. Could that be an issue?

Any help would be appreciated


First, are all the albums DRM-free, and in a format recognized by the Clip?

Second, avoid the Auto USB setting, by all means–the computer can do things without your knowing (switch from USB MTP mode to MSC mode).  Likewise, USB MTP mode can do things which surprise–I would stay away from it as well, unless you need it to play DRM-protected files.

In the end, I’d delete the user content on the player to get a fresh start, set the player to USB MSC mode, and then transfer to the player anew–hopefully, that will fis matters!   :slight_smile: